Online Claims Centre

Welcome to your online travel insurance claim portal

To submit a new travel insurance claim you’ll need to:

Read travel alerts which may affect your claim

Travel alerts indicate if a claim can be made for a specific event based on when a policy was purchased. Click here to view travel alerts.

Have the following details and documents ready

  • Your policy number and personal details
  • Supporting documentation for your claim (this could include your itinerary, receipts, authorisation letters, flight details, etc.)
  • Bank account details for payment of your claim

If you booked your trip with a travel agent and are claiming cancellation or amendment costs, please download and ask your travel agent to complete this agent form for you.

It may take 15-30 minutes to submit your claim, depending on the type of claim. Use the ‘save for later’ button at any stage to save your claim information to complete later. Once you submit your claim, a Claims team member will be in contact within 30 working days.

To submit a claim for “Other Insurances” (as applicable) you’ll need to:

Complete a claim form (specifically the section headed ‘General Information on pages 2-3 and the section headed ‘Other expenses claimed’ on page 8)

Please download and complete the claim form. Use this form to claim under these insurances:

  • Interstate Flight Inconvenience
  • Transit Accident
  • Price Guarantee
  • Purchase Security
  • Extended Warranty

Follow the instructions on the claim form. When finished, you can email or post the form to us.

Let's start with your policy information

If you received a Certificate of Insurance, it will contain your policy number. If you are claiming on international travel insurance included with your credit card, you may not have been issued a policy number.

Your cover information

If you are making a claim on your international travel insurance included with your credit card, enter your details below.
Your credit card privacy is protected. We cannot use the details below to identify your full credit card number.